The UVS Cares Foundation provides financial assistance to support veterinary care for companion animals and service animals who are acutely ill or injured for which there is limited or no ability to pay for reasonable veterinary services.



Board of
The UVS Cares Foundation was established in 2017 when a community need was realized by the Veterinarians at University Veterinary Specialists. UVS is a new local, private, family-owned emergency and specialty animal hospital. Pets arrive at their door, in crisis, with a family that may have little or no financial resources. The Board of Directors was established to oversee the distribution of funds to pets in need, organize fundraising events.

Board of

Donna Horbal


Mark Faurie

UVS VP Finance,

Katie Kasel

Small Business Owner,
Animal Advocate

Christine Makowski

StL Executive Assistant
to the Principal,
Animal Advocate

Dr. Monika Marczak

Optometrist, Owner,
Eye Candy Optical in
McMurray, PA

Lisa Mendicino

UVS Creative Director