The UVS Cares Foundation

We are designed as a one-time benefit for emergency or live-saving surgery/treatment, or issues that significantly affect quality of life.


  • Owner must first apply for Care Credit:
  • Approval for funding is based on client’s current financial situation and pet’s diagnosis/prognosis.
  • Owners must show responsible pet ownership. (Pet visits rDVM at regular intervals, etc.)
  • UVS Cares Funds cannot be used for strays or relinquished pets.
  • The UVSCares Fund is an assistance fund. We are unable to pay entire bills.
  • If your pet’s UVS veterinarian feels that the above requirements are met, they will provide you with an ACAF Assistance Application. Funds are distributed subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors of the The UVS Cares Foundation