Generous Donors,…. together with University Veterinary Specialists and local veterinarians, helped our Foundation to become a community asset in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The hospital has already been providing about $20,000 per month in free or discounted veterinary care to pets in need.

Every day, pets and their families will continue to arrive at UVS doors in crisis:

  • A puppy arrived with a rod through its head
  • A cat with an arrow through its chest
  • Any many more unexpected incidents such
    as the pet hit by a car, swallowed a foreign
    object, fight wounds, and others

The families, often with children, are struggling financially. They face a difficult decision:

  • Abandon?
  • Put down an otherwise healthy pet
  • Look to the Foundation for help!

Please take a moment to make a donation today.
All donations go a long way to saving a pets’ lives and owners’ hearts.
Thank you.