Our family came to University Veterinary Specialists with our dog, Daisy, who had gone into labor, early, and it was obvious that she was having difficulty with delivery of her puppies. When we arrived at UVS, it was very quickly realized that she was going to need immediate Caesarean Section for the puppies and her to live. And we, at this time in our lives, did not have the funds for an unexpected surgery.

I am a nurse, specializing in care of young patients on ventilators. Until recently, I was working in Florida. I had helped a family with a young son who had been in a tragic accident. They expressed their gratitude by giving my family “Princess Daisy”, one of their specialty bred dogs. Daisy became a beloved family member. I had to leave my position in Florida and move back to Pittsburgh to help family here. I have not begun my new job here yet but I will be working with the Pittsburgh Schools to take care of students on ventilators. Daisy is a very special breed and had not been spayed. Unfortunately, she accidentally became pregnant.

This morning Daisy became sick and this seemed to cause her to go into labor prematurely. Realizing she was in distress, we went to University Veterinary Specialists.

Thanks to their quick action and the financial help from The UVS Cares Foundation, Daisy and most of her puppies are thriving. Our intention was not to breed Daisy and she has been spayed to avoid an accident from happening again.
“Thank you to the Foundation, and UVS!”