To the [foundation] that funded Geno’s surgery at University Veterinary Specialists:

I have been trying to find the right words to say thank you for saving Geno’s life. While you may not be the individual that performed the actual surgery your generosity made it possible. You made Geno climbing onto the couch with that cone scraping along every surface on Earth possible. You made it so my 10 year old can stick her head in the cone of shame with him and slather what she calls his “hot dog nose” with kisses. My 12 year old, who is sharpening her air of calculated indifference in preparation of being a teen, can still snuggle up to his furry butt and pet him while she delves into her books. My husband, despite the no rough housing, has still managed to take him into the yard for some of the saddest ball squeaking known to man as he recovered.

I often say since Geno has never been and never will be a low maintenance animal, that I wish he could just try and be a dog for once. You gave him that opportunity-I doubt he will take you up on the opportunity but at least the idea of it is on the table.

Geno is a member of our family, I have been heard to say that I grew him in my belly so he is not jealous of his human sisters. Geno is not a background character in our lives but a focal point. He is the person most excited to see me, he cuddles me in bed after his Dad gets up, follows me room to room in whatever I am doing, until eventually he collapses in annoyance that I won’t just stop. He is my walking companion. God gave me two healthy human girls so I could practice my compassion and patience with this dog, most people would have given up on him but we keep going. If you would not have stepped in we would have had to throw in the towel. Geno is only 3. He is surviving epilepsy and, thanks to you, his third surgery. (There is a year of one of my girl’s college in his stomach)

If you ever wonder over donating to the University Veterinary Specialists, please know what an amazing job they did. The moment I walked in as a total basket case, the people at the desks that greeted me were fantastic. The vet techs that I interacted with were kind and patient. And Dr. Brown was amazing. The compassion he exhibited towards our situation was amazing. I was a mess and he explained everything clearly and patiently. He was thorough in his explanations and covered all of my options. He is the first vet in 3 years that even suggested a basket muzzle for Geno’s foreign object obsession. (I was under the impression they were for biters).

Thank you for your assistance. We are more thankful
than my words can possibly cover.

-The Smiths
Nicole, Ray, Pam, Danielle, and Geno