Stella is a 2-year-old Boxer that came in to University Veterinary Specialists the evening of February 1, 2017. She had broken loose and come back a short time later unable to walk on her left front leg.

Stella was on a lead rope outside for a short time, got loose, and appeared on our porch with her leg flopping. It had to have been less than 10 minutes,” said Stella’s owner.

Stella was a surprise to their 8-year-old daughter after her Boxer passed away from cancer at only 3. She was splinted at home and the family sought help at UVS.

There was also blood in her mouth. There was a bone poking through the skin. Our three kids were home and we tried to keep the 8-year-old from seeing her.”

Radiographs confirmed that she had fractured her leg. An estimate for surgical repair and associated medical care was presented to Stella’s family, and unfortunately the costs were not something they were prepared for.

This expense was not planned – I do not know what we would have done. We have three children and my husband is seeking employment after being laid off. We were devastated when we found out what it would take to fix Stella, and it would have broken our hearts if Stella could not have been helped.

Thankfully, the family fit the criteria to receive aid from the foundation and Stella underwent a successful surgery.
We are so grateful; I cannot tell you how grateful we are.